mistertao - notice of stopping purchasing during the holiday

Due to traditional Chinese Spring festival is approaching, our Purchasing
dept have stopped purchasing items from 20th Jan, and will recover
purchasing from 8th February.

And we have closed the «Orders submitted» function on our website, you can
not submit orders on our website from from 21th Jan to 6th February.

Be careful, other chinese shops also will be work slowly during this holidays.

How to check the top rated products

How to check the top rated products

  • Check the Feedback Rating and Transaction History in the Search

After you have entered your search term in the Search Bar and clicked Search, you can view the seller’s feedback rating and the number of transactions made for each product on the Search Results Page.
How to check the top rated products on Aliexpress
The best products to purchase are those with 4 or 5 stars and high numbers of orders.

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